Volume II - 30ml Concentrates

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Rhubarb, Raspberry & Orange Blossom 30ml concentrate by Ohmboy - Rhubarb layered with sweet Raspberry & floral notes of Orange Blossom.

Cranberry, Apple & Raspberry 30ml concentrate From Ohmboy E-Liquids - Cranberry blended with Apple and sweetened with fresh Raspberry.

Apple, Elderflower & Garden Mint 30ml concentrate From Ohmboy E-Liquids - Apple infused with Garden Mint and finished with Elderflower

Sweetwater Grape & White Peach 30ml concentrate From Ohmboy E-Liquids - Grapes, balanced with Juicy White Peach.

Valencia Orange & Passion Fruit 30ml Concentrate from Ohmboy E-Liquids - Orange & Passion Fruit, creates a deliciously tangy taste bud treat.

Pear, Apple & Raspberry - Realistic floral notes of Pear, combined with succulent sweet green apple and the tart freshness of raspberry.